ZenX Labs

ZenX is a CeDeFi incubator that invests in and holistically supports innovative projects from their genesis through to launch and market growth

We exist in a Decentralized-Centralized dichotomy where decentralization meets full compliance and collaboration with established market actors

ZenX stems from the holistic approach to incubation. We fuse the best aspects from traditional and decentralized worlds: accessibility, full autonomy, compliance, valuable use cases


Ideation, technology, compliance


Community, communication, collaboration


Long-term viability, use cases,
large-scale opportunities

From concept
to wide adoption

ZenX is a full-scale incubator that prepares decentralized innovation for global use. To prepare the project for wide adoption, we assure full compliance, set up collaborations with global financial institutions, investment funds, governments. ZenX is a space where highly practical ideas that could potentially impact millions (or better, billions) receive the support they deserve.